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Real Estate Financing Attorney

Providing Legal Assistance with Commercial Financing for Twin Cities Businesses
Whether you need obtain a commercial real estate loan, need to re-financea maturing loan, or need to close on a permanent loan to “take out” a construction loan, contact a Minneapolis real estate lawyer who has experience in all forms of commercial financing. Keystone Legal PLLC represents borrowers, helping you receive the financing you need to take your business to the next level. I also have extensive experience representing lenders, structuring and documenting credit for a variety of businesses and individuals, from real estate-secured loans to asset-based financing. As an experienced commercial real estate financing lawyer, I make it my business to stay on top of the various stages of the commercial financing process. When you need friendly, professional legal assistance regarding commercial financing, call on me.

Mezzanine and Bridge Loans
Many real estate development projects need an extra “boost” beyond the available equity and bank lending. A so-called mezzanine loan may be the essential piece to bridge that gap and bring your project to reality. If you need more money than you can secure with collateral, a mezzanine loan offering a partial interest in your company may be the way to go. I have represented both lenders/investors and borrowers on mezzanine loans and can help to structure and close the added investment needed, working in cooperation with the bank lenders, the developer and the mezzanine lender or investor. Perhaps you are selling one property and buying another, but the deal on the new property will close before the first property is sold. Short-term financing via a bridge loan may provide the financial lift you need. Keystone Legal has helped many clients close bridge and mezzanine loans.

Commercial Construction Lending
The requirements and documentation for short-term commercial construction loans can be quite extensive, and involves many more variables than permanent mortgage financing. I am skilled in guiding you through the loan approval process and drafting and negotiating legal documents, on behalf of borrowers and lenders. I will make sure that your business is adequately protected. I also represent you at the loan closing.

Contact Keystone Legal When You Need a Minneapolis Real Estate Financing Attorney
Are you looking for a knowledgeable and efficient attorney to assist you with your real estate financing? Call Keystone Legal PLLC at (612) 455-6044 or send us an email . We’ll respond promptly.