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Commercial Real Estate Lawyer

 Buy or Sell in Minneapolis
When you want to buy, sell, lease or develop commercial real estate or set up at 1031 tax-deferred exchange, it pays to have an attorney who knows the territory. Located in the heart of downtown Minneapolis and the hub of commercial activity, Keystone Legal PLLC is the go-to law firm for transactions concerning commercial real estate. Led by Stephanie Hill, we not only prepare legal documents, we help you deal with local zoning and planning boards on issues about environmental, traffic and economic impact. Come to us early in the process, and we can structure transactions in a way that makes sense for your business. We’re skilled at negotiating commercial financing  arrangements, and we offer sound, experienced-based advice on tax credits for development. We provide big-firm service and legal expertise at a fraction of the price. Plus, we’re licensed to practice in Minnesota and Wisconsin

New Markets Tax Credits
New Markets Tax Credits were established by Congress in 2000 to stimulate investment in new businesses and real estate projects in low-income areas. I began working with New Markets Tax Credits when I was at Faegre & Benson; they are now a niche in which I have gained considerable experience. The program allows you a federal tax credit of up to 39 percent over seven years. If you are a developer planning a project using New Market Tax Credits in a low-income community, contact me to find out how New Markets Tax Credits can help your business.

Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credits
Finding new commercial uses for old buildings has been a common occurrence in the Midwest as warehouses become breweries and flour mills are transformed into luxury condominiums. As a historic rehabilitation tax credit lawyer, I represent developers and non-profit organizations in their efforts to revitalize their communities. I help you take advantage of state and federal credits for these projects. I can prepare the organizational documents, consult with your accountants and offer advice on structuring your transactions to use the credits. I will work with you on development and land use issues related to your project. In short, I do the legal legwork so you can reap the tax advantages.

Renewable Energy Projects
Renewable energy is another niche I have cultivated. As the renewable energy industry expands, the laws around it multiply. As your renewable energy attorney, I can assist you with project financing and preparing purchase agreements. I can tackle complex real estate issues. I also help you take advantage of tax credits that can make your project more cost effective. Whether you want to harness the wind, the sun or bio fuels, contact me about your renewable energy project.

Mixed-use/Condos/Multi-Family Housing Projects
When you want to develop a mixed-use project such as an office complex with retail, a condominium or a multi-family housing project, Keystone Legal has experience you can depend on. I’ve handled many projects, from property acquisition to bond financing. I’ve negotiated agreements with architects and engineers, and I’ve written condominium and homeowners’ association documents. Regardless of the size of your project, I bring you the knowledge and wisdom of a big-firm lawyer – without the big-firm price.

Hire an Experienced Minneapolis Commercial Real Estate Attorney
When you want to buy, sell, build or rehabilitate a commercial property contact Keystone Legal PLLC. Our office is conveniently located in downtown Minneapolis on the 20th floor of the 120 So. 6th Street, Canadian Pacific Plaza (formerly One Financial Plaza). Call (612) 455-6044 for an appointment.