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Churches and NonProfits

A Minneapolis Real Estate and Commercial Lawyer Who Works with Churches
The ecclesiastical landscape in the Midwest is changing. Sprawling megachurches dominate the suburbs while inner-city churches struggle to survive. Just like businesses, churches need legal assistance when they merge, acquire or sell real estate, or lease their property. Keystone Legal PLLC is here to work with you.

I served as a United Methodist minister for ten years before I went to law school. I understand how churches function, organizationally and practically. I have experienced the challenges you face. And I know how to help you protect your church during legal transactions.

Filing for Incorporation and 501(c)3 Applications
When you are starting a new church or a new nonprofit organization, I can draw up your articles of incorporation, make sure they follow your governing organization’s constitution if necessary, and submit the papers to the Secretary of State. I can help you obtain state and federal tax identification numbers and apply for 501(c)3 tax exemption recognition. I am well acquainted with the details involved in setting up a corporation, and I can take care of items you may overlook.

Mergers and Beyond
Sometimes, two churches will decide they can best carry out their ministries by combining forces. If your church is considering a merger, you need an attorney who is experienced in this area. As a pastor, I helped three struggling congregations merge and turned around a failing church. As an attorney, I have helped several local churches restructure or consolidate their congregations and their assets and build a new church community.

Real Estate Transactions
Whether you’re a church with property to sell or a nonprofit organization looking for property to buy, Keystone Legal PLLC can help with purchase agreements, deeds and so much more. I can review offers on your property and offer you legal counsel. I can prepare contracts for deed, and property easements. I can also help you set up leasing agreements with tenants. In all of your real estate transactions, you can expect sound, straightforward advice from Keystone Legal PLLC.

Contact Us for a Review
When your Minnesota or Wisconsin church or nonprofit organization needs the help of an experienced real estate and commercial lawyer in Minneapolis, contact Keystone Legal PLLC. We’ll be happy to review your situation. Call our downtown Minneapolis law office at (612) 455-6044 or contact us via email .