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Real Estate and Commercial Legal Services in Minneapolis

The lawyers at Keystone Legal are admitted in Minnesota and Wisconsin. They offer a unique blend of legal know-how and practical experience for small to medium-sized businesses in the Twin Cities, greater Minnesota and Wisconsin. From drawing up a simple contract through guiding you through complex real estate transactions, I provide the tools you need to structure and protect your business.

I work in four primary areas:

Commercial Real Estate: Beyond price, there are many things to consider when you buy or sell commercial real estate. I can help you determine if the property you want to develop is eligible for New Market Tax Credits or Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credits. I am also experienced in transactions involving renewable energy projects, multi-use, condominium or multi-family housing projects.

Real Estate Financing Commercial real estate financing is completely different from the home mortgage business. It takes a practiced eye to spot the loopholes in contracts, provide documentation and keep things moving through the pipeline.

Small Business Small businesses have the same legal needs as large ones, but they don’t often have an attorney on staff. I provide the type of counseling on real estate and corporate matters that you need, with a personal touch.

Churches and Non-profits Churches and non-profit organizations may not think of themselves as businesses, but they have the same legal concerns when it comes to commercial real estate transactions, incorporation and real estate financing. I’m a former United Methodist minister; I have a foot in both worlds.

Contact Us for Real Estate and Commercial Legal Services When you need legal representation in a commercial real estate matter, contact us. We’re conveniently located in downtown Minneapolis. Call (612) 455-6044 today.